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Terms and Conditions

Cancelation Policy

Cancelations of any lesson must be done more than 5 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time. Failure to notify Skype Spanish School of a lesson cancelation or failure to notify us prior to 5 hours will result in a full charge for the lesson the same as if it still took place. All notifications must be done by email to booking@skypespanishschool.com


Due to the high demand for teachers and our private lessons, rescheduling of class is not permitted, unless you advise Skype Spanish School 5 hrs before your scheduled class.

Refund Policy:

Pay as you go lessons: Refunds may be given in full if requested in writing more than 5 hours before the scheduled lesson.

Package lessons: Refunds may be given in if requested in writing more than 5 hours before any scheduled lesson and if no more than 2 have been used. This will only apply if the "package lessons" were purchased less than 30 days prior to the refund request. Any monies refunded will not included lessons used.

Class duration:

All classes must start on time and end promptly after 30 minutes; this will allow your teacher get ready for his or her next class.

Time Zone:

Skype Spanish School is based in London, and the reference time for booking classes is the London Time. This can be British Summer Time (BST) effect from the end of March until the end of October (GMT +1:00), or GMT +0:00 the rest of the year.

Period of validity for purchased Package lesson plans:

All lessons purchased from Skype Spanish School whether "pay as you go" or "package lesson" are valid for one year. If there are remaining lesson from an old purchase and more lessons are paid for the one year time limit will start over on all lessons.

Students equipment / software responsibility:

All students are responsible for ensuring they have a working high speed internet connection, Skype user ID, headset, microphone at the time of their lesson. If there are technical problems on the student's side at lesson time it is not the responsibility of Skype Spanish School or any of our affiliated companies or partners.

In the event Skype Spanish School experiences technical problems at the time of a scheduled lesson and we are unable to provide our regular services we will arrange for a make-up lesson at the earliest convenience student but no refund shall be given.

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